Student Success: Thinking Less and Trusting More


This is a conversation that took place via text between me and a 33 year old male triathlete and math teacher. He was completely tangled in knots–thinking too much– and could not hit the ball at all. He took his first lesson from me where we talked about moving better and letting things happen. He had this to say in the coming days of practice and drilling.

Dear Bob,

It’s a really weird feeling but I’m starting to build trust in the solidness of contact.  I realized I was totally obsessing on the ball and on the contact.

Now, I’ve gotten to the point where I can mentally let go of it and trust the contact will be there.  This allows me to pour all my mental energy into simply moving (my body better).

As a result I pulled off a pretty insane stunt today at the range. I hit four balls in a row with perfect contact and a full swing with my eyes closed!

My “full swing” now feels absolutely nothing like the full swing I had before.  It is completely effortless.

Today, I hit 20 balls eyes closed.  5 were miss hit.  The other 15 were identical super high fades that landed within a 5 yard radius 110 yards out.  I have no idea why my eyes closed shots are so so much more consistent than my eyes open shots. I’ve never hit a grouping that tight before.



Want to hit it better? Worry less about the hit, free it up and let it go.

Crafting a Better Golf Learning Experience