Gotta Get it Close

Gotta Get it Close


You gotta get the short game shots close to have any hope of scoring.

In Easy Bogey How to Break 90, I stress getting on the green in one over regulation and two putting for bogey. 

To really score lower, you gotta get the short game shot close enough for a one putt. Pitch shots, sand shots and chips must be gotten within four feet–preferably closer–in order to save a stroke. Same with lag putts.

Average golfers crack me up sometimes when they compliment each other on a short game approach shot ends up six or eight or ten feet from the hole.

This is not good enough when you want to save strokes. Statistically, we miss those longer “short” putts nearly every time.

If you want to truly get to the next level of scoring–whatever that means to you–I recommend dedicating yourself to some 20 hours of lag putting, pitching, chipping and bunker play practice. Oh. And I recommend getting instruction and coaching to ensure you have the know how and the drills are right for you.

BONUS: For anyone who reads this all the way to the bottom and asks nicely, I will give you a FREE 10-minute putting lesson to help you make sure you hole those short putts. There’s a trick to it!