Previously, we have discussed two types of practice: Repetition & Drill and Pretending. Now we have Games. All the different kinds of practice are tremendous. All have their time and place.

Note: Lessons must help the student determine the best method of practice to utilize given the content/theme of the lesson. See your PGA Professional!

Games consist of:

  • Goals
  • Limitations/guidelines
  • Reasons to participate (purpose)


Let’s look at these one at a time. A goal is what you are trying to get to. For example, “Let’s see how many out of _________ we can make from ________.” In the blanks you would fill in the limitations, i.e. ten balls from three feet. Last and most important there must be a purpose(s). The purpose might just be to “have fun with my practice buddies” or to “take my mind off my swing and body parts” or to “improve my short putting.”

Importantly, games involve competition, risk and incentive. They require among other things: guts, determination, a winning attitude, some risk, unwillingness to lose, victories, losses, thrills, excitement, mystery, hope, fear, optimism, rules to follow, courtesy to others, care of the practice ground, safety and being gracious in defeat.

Now go make up some Games. More like a kid.



Bob Madsen, PGA
Sycuan Golf Academy