Don’t Level Off

Take your game to the next level using the barometers below.

Level One: NEW. The brand new golfer, typically, just wants to hit the ball, not embarrass themselves and not hold other golfers up. He understandably has no idea about golf history, rules or etiquette, and feels like golf is really hard. Level one people are just starting out. That’s cool. We were all novices at some point.

Level Two: RECREATIONAL. We have a lovely group of ladies that play our par 3 course every Wednesday. Most are purely recreational golfers. They are in it simply for the casual competition, fresh air, companionship and exercise. (Note: many of the gals walk with a pull cart…Way to go girls!) They are not really pursuing better golf. Nor is my wife. And I have no problem with that. It’s beautiful actually.

Level Three: ENTHUSIASTIC DABBLERS. This big group is the one I am most concerned for and excited about. The level three golf fanatic plays regularly, almost always warms up briefly, eagerly watches the Golf Channel and thirsts for any possibly useful pointer he can get his hands on. Unfortunately, I have seen countless level three players get comfy with their skills and stop doing the work it takes to actually improve. They dabble. They stagnate. Slowly but surely their scores worsen especially as they get older. This is not okay. Eventually it’s too late. Don’t be lured into comfort or too much concern over net results and chit winning. Always KEEP TRYING TO IMPROVE. Push for the next level.

There are other levels to explore. Don’t level off. Start now, preferably with the help of a PGA Professional, to actually study and practice the game more completely. You will be glad you did.



Bob Madsen, PGA
Sycuan Golf Academy