Stave Off the Inevitable

Ladies and gentlemen in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s NOW HERE THIS! You MUST continue to get better at golf. Otherwise, you are doomed.

My favorite golf companion was Bob Wallin: my father in law. Bob got along on short game and course management, guts, fearlessness and determination for years. He was never long due to his half sized backswing. Bob played a steady game backed up by chipping, pitching and excellent putting. Trouble came when age and diabetes started to rob him of his health, well-being, hand-eye coordination and range of motion.

As he lost distance, his misses started ending up further from the green and what had been a chip became a long pitch. What had been a pitch became a half wedge. Bob’s shot making ability was unequipped for this. His scores rose. Once upon a time he could easily break 80 hitting maybe 5 greens in regulation. This success ended. His unacceptable scores led him to quit. He couldn’t bear bogie golf.

So here is the deal. Strengthen up. Get on a stretching program. Hire a fitness coach. Go to the Y. Run. Walk. Take golf lessons. Hit range balls. Practice short game. And consider appropriate equipment.

I am sick over losing my father in law. I should have been more insistent when it came to fitness and continual improvement.

Golf course architects just want you challenged. They don’t want you ashamed or to quit as you get older.

I don’t want this to happen either.



Bob Madsen, PGA
Sycuan Golf Academy